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Update Your Husqvarna Sewing Machine

Husqvarna Viking's
 Diamond, Ruby, Topaz, SE, and D1
Sewing Machines software updates

Is updating required? No, however without the proper update your machine may not function to its fullest potential. For example, one of the updates will allow the machine to accept the 260x150 Mega Endless hoop. Other updates fix minor bugs or programing errors which you may never notice.

How do I know if I need an update? Consult your user manual to determine which version of software you currently have installed and compare it to the latest software (Email). If you are unsure, we recommend you bring the machine in.

Won’t I be notified by Viking if I need an upgrade? Unfortunately no; it is the responsible of the machine owner to ensure the machine is getting the service and updates it requires.

How long does updating take? A typical update takes about 5 minutes per update for a qualified tech. Most machines (even those right out the box) are about 2-3 updated behind.

Can I update my machine by myself? Yes, provided you have internet access, the correct USB stick and your Viking manual. However, most sewers like to have a qualified person to ensure there machine is in top condition.

Will updating delete my personal files? Most updates will not affect personal files. However there are a few major upgrades with will require the files to be deleted. Our techs have been train to safely remove these files to a backup file and then replace the files once the update is complete.